The NMR Spectra.

The NMR spectra can be obtained from our laboratory in printed form and/or on magnetic media (3.5" diskettes or 100 Mb zip disks) provided by the user.
Alternatively, they can be either received by e-mail as attachments or downloaded from our server, by clicking the button below.

For processing the NMR spectra there are several commercial programs available. The Bruker XWin-NMR format is converted by all modern commercial processing programs.

Our laboratory recommends the 1DWin-NMR and 2DWin-NMR programs developed by Bruker and running on PC under Windows operating system. Alternatively, only for 1D-spectra, we also recommend the MestRe-C program developed by C. Cobas, J. Cruces and F. J. Sardina which can be downloaded free from the internet site: