The Characteristics of the Spectrometer in Bucharest

The spectrometer installed in Romania through the present project is a BRUKER AVANCE DRX 400 and is based on the newest innovations in the field. This model was introduced in March 1998, the spectrometer in Bucharest being the second instrument of this type built and the first installed. This instrument brings Romania among the most advanced states in Europe and America regarding the types of NMR experiments which can be performed.

The magnet uses the auto-shielding technology (introduced by Bruker in 1996), the generated magnetic field is 9.4 Tesla, with the hydrogen resonance frequency of 400 MHz, the spectrometer is fully digital (technology developed by Bruker in 1994), and the spectrometer is controlled entirely by a PC (a revolution in the field, developed by Bruker in 1998). The spectrometer is equiped with field gradients on the z axis, a direct detection dual probehead for hydrogen and carbon, an inverse detection multinuclear probehead and other accessories such as Variable Temperature Unit, Antivibration Dumpers, etc.